Complete control for car owners

  • Have an always-on video and information capture device to create and retain a full and complete record of where your car’s been and what it’s done
  • Bridge the gap in the vast array of automotive entertainment/control options by interacting with every hardware and software protocol out there; experience a permanent upgrade for your vehicle

Enhanced flexibility for drivers

  • Customize each vehicle with your preferences, music, movies, and more
  • Offer always-on Wi-Fi and streaming for every passenger and device in your car; bring all of your kids’ favorite movies—and entire seasons of their favorite shows—along for the ride
  • Access up-to-date navigation info that you can stream to the car’s devices, meaning you need never rely on the network to know where you are

A world of options for dealers and manufacturers

  • Offer an extra-level of usability and customization, without asking buyers to learn new systems, devices, etc.