Connect with anything, anywhere, at any time.

Lost in a jungle of non-compatible operating systems, devices, and platforms? LINK cuts though it all, with always-on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability that provides easy access and connectivity to wildly diverse types of software and hardware.


LINK’s dedicated dual wireless functionality means you can use one ultra-fast dedicated 5GHz Wi-Fi stream to connect to your files, while maintaining a simultaneous yet separate 2.4GHz connection to any available network. You no longer have to choose between local or global access.



LINK’s optional LTE SIM adaptor allows you to harness the power of your cellular network; not only providing Internet access in places without Wi-Fi, but delivering the full features and functionality of your cell provider.



LINK’s USB-C port enables super-fast charging (under 75 minutes to full charge), while giving you the option of a high-speed corded connection.


The back-up plan to your back-up plan.


LINK can be set to periodically and seamlessly back up all of your data to the cloud service of your choice, or even to another device. Now your peace of mind has peace of mind.




One source, many users.


LINK serves as the ultimate media hub, allowing multiple users to access the same file (or files) regardless of their operating platform. Control who gets to see what, where, and when.


Your bridge to everything.

Videos, photos, music, and more; whatever you need, the ultra-versatile LINK app allows you to access and manage it all. The intuitive context-specific interface lets you search, utilize, organize, and define settings for every file that you have.


Get yours now.