Your world in the palm of your hand.

Your existing devices can only hold so much. The network can only reach so far.

LINK bridges these gaps in connectivity and capacity by housing your entire digital world in one ultra-portable, always-available device.


So small,
it’s immense.

With up to 2TB of storage (no, really!), the pint-sized LINK can handle a sea of data, boasting greater storage capacity than your laptop, phone, and tablet combined.


Solid-state Disk

LINK provides greater speed and reliability thanks to its cutting-edge 48-layer solid-state V-NAND drive.


Blisteringly fast read/write speeds (Up to 2,500/1,500 MB/s) lets you Download a 5GB HD movie in seconds!


LINK's storage chip is ultra-durable and reliable due to a super-compact design and the absence of moving parts.

Automated Back-Up

LINK's ultra-reliable memory can be set to automatically back up to your preferred cloud service or external device.

It Fits.

Transport your entire digital world within a single miniscule device that’s always right at hand.



Never break down while you're breaking free; LINK is a tough customer that can take bumps, shocks, and drops, and has the highest dust protection rating available.



LINK boasts a remarkably durable and water-resistant polycarbonate exterior, so your data won't dissolve if it goes for a dip.


A digital vault that won’t break the bank.

The LINK’s huge capacity makes it highly competitive in terms of cost per GB of storage. Plus, its ultra-compatibility means it works with the devices of today and tomorrow, making it your one-size-fits-all, go-to storage solution for multiple generations of your favorite tech.


Power moves.

LINK’s rechargeable, replaceable, and expandable battery system keeps the stream alive. LINK’s standard battery lasts up to 5 hours streaming—and 2 weeks in standby mode on a single charge—and even longer with the optional battery pack.


Peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

  • Customizable permission levels for different files and users
  • Native encryption (specific files or the entire device)
  • Easy back-up to either a preferred cloud service or another device
  • Remote wipe feature in case of loss

Get yours now.