Powerful functionality for creators

  • Produce and stream just-created content—instantly—to a specific audience in a location- and time-specific manner
  • Allow consumers to interact with creators by uploading their experience to a specific, local platform of which the creator has control

Connect your creators and your consumers

  • Simplify content creation and capture by having an entire creative team upload their files to a single, portable, context-specific device
  • Distribute large amount of creator content—discographies, TV series, film collections—that would live on a single specified device for a specified amount of time
  • Create a new world of streaming entertainment where approved users can bring their favorite content with them wherever they go; while maintaining all the permissions and safeguards of their network account

Simplified content management for consumers

  • Capture and store huge amounts of experiences and content from creators and providers
  • Expand and catalog all of your favorite media on a single device