GravityOS. The force behind LINK

The brains behind the amazing form factor of LINK is GravityOS, an incredibly open and powerful software platform that's built for the connected world.

Unifying Force

GravityOS is crafted in the form of a responsive website so it's experienced through a browser window. Accessing GravityOS via a browser provides an amazing amount of flexibility and opportunity for companies and developers looking to innovate in developing connected services or devices.

Flexible & Modular

GravityOS is designed to be simple, flexible and work with as many other devices and operating systems as possible.

The operating system utilizes the patented ARCH™ transport layer to connect devices locally. GravityOS can run on a PC, a Mac, a Linux desktop, a Playstation, or even a server farm.

Built to be built upon

The entire software stack for GravityOS has been built modular so every major block or section of the OS can be managed, developed and swapped out independently allowing for rapid and huge growth without traditional growing pains.

IQ for the IoT

Seamlessly working with and enhancing connected devices is why LINK is here. The flexible GravityOS can help a wide-variety of current and future IoT products

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