Peace of mind for patients

  • Instantly upload your medical history, prescription information, and contraindication alerts to healthcare providers' systems, anywhere you need it
  • Utilize stringent, HIPAA-compliant security protocols to ensure your records are only accessed by approved and pertinent healthcare professionals
  • Automatically update physician recommendations and prescription information to your personal ERA file

Must-have patient management tools for healthcare providers

  • Automatically and seamlessly capture and update each patient’s personal portable ERA file as they progress through treatment steps
  • Communicate with relevant personnel through each phase of the patient process, providing an unbroken continuum of care

Crucial information capture for physicians

  • Ensure patient information is up-to-date and based on patient’s own personal ERA file; no longer rely solely on patient’s recollection
  • Communicate important information to the patient, nursing staff, specialists, and more; ensure relevant personnel at every step have the full picture
  • Provide a seamless inter- and intra-institution recording system