Unlimited connectivity means unlimited possibilities.

With its unique blend of ultimate share-abilty and highly-customizable security protocols, LINK is poised to become a must-have storage and connectivity device for a wide range of industries and institutions.




Enhanced, seamless guest experience

  • Recognize and connect with the reservation system of your favorite hotel chains
  • Communicate your room preferences and payment information
  • Upload your personal entertainment library to your room’s TV and audio devices

Fully integrated hotel management tools

  • Automatically identify a guest’s customer profile, payment information, and loyalty status/perks
  • Welcome guests by instantly downloading local information and recommendations directly to their LINK
  • Transfer dietary-specific menu options

Ideal for convention organization

  • Automatically send schedule and speaker information—as well as entire white papers—as attendees arrive
  • Cut down on complicated A/V management by streaming speakers’ presentations to attendees’ devices



Peace of mind for patients

  • Instantly upload your medical history, prescription information, and contraindication alerts to healthcare providers' systems, anywhere you need it
  • Utilize stringent, HIPAA-compliant security protocols to ensure your records are only accessed by approved and pertinent healthcare professionals
  • Automatically update physician recommendations and prescription information to your personal ERA file

Must-have patient management tools for healthcare providers

  • Automatically and seamlessly capture and update each patient’s personal portable ERA file as they progress through treatment steps
  • Communicate with relevant personnel through each phase of the patient process, providing an unbroken continuum of care

Crucial information capture for physicians

  • Ensure patient information is up-to-date and based on patient’s own personal ERA file; no longer rely solely on patient’s recollection
  • Communicate important information to the patient, nursing staff, specialists, and more; ensure relevant personnel at every step have the full picture
  • Provide a seamless inter- and intra-institution recording system



Powerful functionality for creators

  • Produce and stream just-created content—instantly—to a specific audience in a location- and time-specific manner
  • Allow consumers to interact with creators by uploading their experience to a specific, local platform of which the creator has control

Connect your creators and your consumers

  • Simplify content creation and capture by having an entire creative team upload their files to a single, portable, context-specific device
  • Distribute large amount of creator content—discographies, TV series, film collections—that would live on a single specified device for a specified amount of time
  • Create a new world of streaming entertainment where approved users can bring their favorite content with them wherever they go; while maintaining all the permissions and safeguards of their network account

Simplified content management for consumers

  • Capture and store huge amounts of experiences and content from creators and providers
  • Expand and catalog all of your favorite media on a single device


tablet girl in car_G483598171.jpg

Complete control for car owners

  • Have an always-on video and information capture device to create and retain a full and complete record of where your car’s been and what it’s done
  • Bridge the gap in the vast array of automotive entertainment/control options by interacting with every hardware and software protocol out there; experience a permanent upgrade for your vehicle

Enhanced flexibility for drivers

  • Customize each vehicle with your preferences, music, movies, and more
  • Offer always-on Wi-Fi and streaming for every passenger and device in your car; bring all of your kids’ favorite movies—and entire seasons of their favorite shows—along for the ride
  • Access up-to-date navigation info that you can stream to the car’s devices, meaning you need never rely on the network to know where you are

A world of options for dealers and manufacturers

  • Offer an extra-level of usability and customization, without asking buyers to learn new systems, devices, etc.

LinkOS is a highly customized and customizable Linux-based operating system that fuels the full power and possibility of the LINK.

This versatile and expandable software platform offers an endless array of exciting software and hardware opportunities for both the individual consumer and entire industries.


Drift Content

Effortless integration.

Drift Content™ is the key to the seamless integration experience offered by LINK: An intuitive and flexible protocol providing either permanent or temporary storage for a staggering array of devices.

Now key tech can access your storage with ease, while ensuring that when you leave, your data leaves with you.


Software Development

Let’s bring everything to everyone.

Harness the LINK’s storage and connectivity features for hundreds of exciting application opportunities:

  • Partner with popular streaming services for always-there entertainment: Download entire series of shows, films, to watch even when there’s no Internet
  • Develop killer content creation and management apps
  • Build exciting, fully integrated tools for individuals, businesses, organizations, and more

Hardware Development

The ultimate storage partner

The LINK represents the perfect data complement to a wide range of electronic devices, inside and outside the home and office. From personal video capture, building customization, to in-vehicle entertainment and navigation, the LINK is ready and able to expand the capability of the tech of today and tomorrow.


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